Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Balcony Blooms

Ever have those times where your life feels like it got put on pause? Among other things, my blog fell through the cracks last week with all the crazy Boston stuff, preparing to teach 4 classes for this week, and switching most of my files to a temporary computer while my regular one is off for repairs. Working from a temporary computer while trying to track which files (work files, blog photos, etc.) you've updated feels somewhat schizophrenic. Anybody else ever have to do this?
On the upside, spring has finally arrived...at the end of April. This is incredibly late for Germany, but I'm happy to see it nonetheless. Our balcony is planted and we've already enjoyed many a meal outdoors. It never ceases to amaze me how a bunch of 60 cent flowers from the hardware store can really brighten up a space. Pansies, bachelor's buttons, and forget-me-nots. We're also experimenting with a lavender plant and a kind of grassy-geranium. Once the trees leaf the plants don't get a lot of sun, so although we enjoy the privacy, we have to be mindful of what plants will actually survive in the low light. At least one of the trees is a big white lilac!

What's blooming in your outdoor space?


likeschocolate said...

I was just missing Germany yesterday. I can just imagine the fields are yellow and beautiful. Spargel season too! yummy!

Lucy said...

Redbuds and other pollen laden trees are blooming in Indy this week!

wunderschön-gemacht.de said...

juliette: WOW!! dieses blau ist einmalig schön! geniesse den frühling, herzliche waldgrüsse, dunja

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