Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Swan Boat Sailing

Did you ever read Robert McCloskey's book, 'Make Way for Ducklings'? It's a classic American children's book telling the story of a mama duck looking for a safe place to raise her babies in the midst of the big, busy city of Boston. I gifted it to my nieces a while ago with the hope that together we could one day see the ducklings' famous statues in the Boston Public Garden.

Also in the Public Gardens -and in the book- are the Swan Boats. Have you ever heard of the Swan Boats? They've been silently paddled around the pond for over 130 years. They always seem so elegant and timeless, refusing to be 'modernized' into anything cheap or tacky. Riding a swan boat was another thing I'd wanted to do one day with my nieces.

So of course one of last summer's highlights was getting to do just that. We came into the garden and the kids had fun walking around and sitting on the little bronze statues. We walked a bit further and observed a family of ducks and watched a Swan Boat glide by. Suddenly, my oldest niece whirled around to me and said, "Hey! It's just like my book at home!" It was so fun seeing her make the connection and delight in the experience. She was so thrilled when she saw we were actually going to ride a Swan Boat! I love simple joys like that; they make for the best memories.

What about you? Have you ever read the book or been on a Swan Boat? Are there some good German book/visit things like this? I can think of some of the tamer fairy tales, but am not too familiar with German children's books.

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