Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Neon Drawstrings

What do you think of the neon trend? I think it's fun in small doses, so when I stitched up a little drawstring bag for some game pieces I added neon drawstrings. I also stitched down a letter with some other bright ribbon I had on hand.

Which brings me to: What's the best way to stitch down ribbon? I just went with a contrast center stitch look here, but if I want a cleaner look is it better to use clear thread? or matching thread? Should I stitch in the ditch? What if there's no 'ditch'?

I'd like to work more with ribbon. I think it's a fun and relatively inexpensive way to perk up things. Also, I just love Amy Butler's ribbon collection!


Allison said...

hmmm... neon, tja... have to say that it kinda of brings back bad memories of an outfit gone wrong in the sixth grade.

But your bag is cute. I ususally stitch ribbon with a thread that is the same color so it doesn't show up. (and also on both sides) In this case I like the contrast of the darker thread... it works.

What does the "n" stand for, or is it the obvious... "neon"?

Juliette said...

Yes, the 80's did not do neon any favors, for sure. I still like it in tiny amounts as an accent, hence the ribbon purchase.

No, the 'N' is not for neon, ha ha! It's my younger niece's initial. There's quite a bit of rivalry going on between the two at times, and, having grown up hearing, "It's not yours if it doesn't have your name on it" (aka SHARE with your sister), I figured I'd add an initial so that her birthday present stays hers if she wants. =)

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