Thursday, February 21, 2013

Joy and the Blues

Today Nic is talking about Knall Blau, or bright blue. It just so happened that yesterday I received belated valentines (featuring lots of bright blue) from the very two tiny people I've been stitching for lately. The littlest is two years old and is completely besotted with painting. She literally lights up when she's playing Van Gogh.

True story: Tiny tot was strapped into a high chair, watercolor supplies were placed on her tray, my sister propped her iPad up on the kitchen table and then dashed off to rescue her eldest from some sort of bathroom disaster. I was on Skype trying to talk to the little painter, but she would have none of it. With a serious expression, she looked down at her tray, splashed her brush in the water and set off swirling in the paintbox. Solemnly she went back and forth between the water and the paintbox before finally letting her brush dance over the paper.

I had long given up getting her to look at me and talk, so as I watched silently I saw a satisfied look slide across her face. Satisfaction turned to delight; keeping her head down and staying focused on her work, she began smiling broadly and happily as she watched the colors spread across her paper. She was painting and she was loving it. She had completely forgotten me and was in her own little world. It was fascinating and adorable all at once. Needless to say, painting was a prominent element in the valentines she made this year!
So it was with pleasure that I added some bright blue to the lining of the little bag I made for her last night. Bright blue for the inside and orange -one of her favorite colors- on the outside. I added their necklaces and bracelets and everything fit nicely, hooray.

What about you? Have you ever watched a child creating in their own little world? It's such a simple joy. Creating itself can be such a simple joy, can't it?

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