Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY Scrappy Pin Love

I always seem to have these left-brain creative bursts in the heat of a right-brain work deadline; anybody else like this? I think there must be some kind of chemical relationship between creativity and procrastination. Anyhow, this particular episode was fueled by a great project Holly posted over on Decor8. I was already armed with cute Liberty-covered buttons from my England trip and had been wanting to make a pin to perk up my teaching outfits. Fifteen minutes later a chair in my office was a mess and I still managed to catch the bus into town to teach at the Uni -wearing my new pin of course! I was teaching about contrast that day, so it was especially timely!

This was SUCH an easy project and I can't recommend it enough. I happened to have some brooch/pin backs and so just slid one under my knots in the back. Simple. I was especially pleased to be able to highlight some mini pom-pom trim I had in my stash. I think I'll make a few more variations of this project to wear with different colors -and of course these would be easy and affordable gifts if you know somebody who likes a little crafty touch to their wardrobe. I could also see pinning one to a lampshade or throw pillow. For the instructions, visit Decor8 here (anleitung hier -leider nur auf Englisch, aber die Fotos sind hilfreich).

Would you wear one or use one in your home? Any simple crafty projects that have got you buzzing?

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Traveling Mama said...

Way too cute! I bet you looked adorable!!

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