Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shiny Happy Colors: Essie

I'm not a big make-up person. All of my make-up fits into a pencil case, literally. On the other hand, my nail polish takes up twice as much space! This spring I decided to actually clear out all the bottles that were ancient and/or I just never wear anymore; I wasn't left with much. I also noticed everything I had was some shade of pink, except the Mochacino I added last year and LOVE (it works w/black and brown outfits).

I was bored with pink, so I googled trendy nail colors (yes, I did) and came up with all sorts of fun things. Mint was a recurring color and one Tina had sported when we were at The Hive together. I liked it then, so I picked up Essie's Mint Candy Apple and Bikini So Teeny. The first few days of wearing a bright color took some adjusting, I won't lie. BUT I'm past it and really love the new colors. I'm even thinking of the coral-essecnt Orange, It's Obvious this fall.
I only paint my toes, so maybe that's why brights work so well for me. Still, wearing fresher colors just makes me feel a little more modern and a little less frumpy -not that pink is always frumpy, I was just in a rut! In fact, while we were at The Hive, Anya was rocking neon pink polish with her outfits and it was really fabulous, especially w/her yellow shirt (see it here).

What about you? Are nails your thing? What colors do you like to wear? 

*no fear, this won't turn into a fashion blog -I'm just enjoying the colors, ha ha!


nic said...

just got me (another) essie yesterday... WICKED. ;)

love the varitety of colors and the names of them!


Antje said...

Same here: Not much makeup but lots of nail polish. For my toes mostly.:-)
I got Rimmel's sunset orange this spring and this color makes me so happy!

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