Friday, September 28, 2012

A Balloon to Ride

We're back from our journey though haven't seemed to recover from it. Good times based in Bournemouth, England, home of some lovely gardens and the Bournemouth Balloon. We didn't manage to go for a ride, but we enjoyed watching those who did!

Have you ever been on a balloon ride? I imagine it to be rather fun, but have yet to try it myself!


Katie @ said...

I have dreamed of riding a hot air balloon since around middle school, Juliette. I love to watch them, too.

Ironically, I've since flown pretty much every other air vehicle. But no hot air balloons. YET.

Hope you guys feel better soon!

likeschocolate said...

No , but always wanted too!

Jutta said...

Oh my, it looks amazing. When I was younger I dreamed of balloon rides and skydiving, but in my old days I've developed myself a fear of heights.

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