Monday, November 28, 2011

'Tis the Season

Our home started getting sprinkled with Christmas bits and bobs this past weekend. The first Advent Sunday has passed and -as a friend of mine so nicely put it- our hearts have begun their journey to Bethlehem. One thing that's struck me this year is that this season has historically been about repentance, not the beat-yourself-on-the-back craziness, but a sincere 'heart check'. With so many people and organizations out there buying credibility with false humility, I think it's worth the time to check myself and make sure I'm not doing the same. I believe sincere apologies, reconciliation and attempts to right wrongs and reorient one's heart make great gifts. While they may not cost a penny, the price of pride ran pretty high last time I checked. It's definitely easier for me to wrap a gift than to wrap myself in humility. Good thing the light gets brighter each week as we light a new candle on our Advent wreaths; we are not alone.

(and no, I'm not trying to preach a sermon here, just processing some thoughts that have been swirling around my head this weekend)


Allison said...

I guess Advent is not something that I grew up with, so I always seem to be running behind on it. The first Advent always hits before I even know what took place, but I really want to put the brakes on this season and give it a big ol slow way down. I've long since abandoned the stress and pressure that one puts on oneself to make everything perfect, which I think is a good step in the right direction to have my focus where it should be.

Sermon or no sermon, it's good to find one in a contemplative and refelctive state this time of year. Lovely words.

Antje said...

You are so right and the words are true & wonderful.
Thank you so much!

Kelly said...

We got our advent wreath out yesterday (might be the first year ever that I'm actually on time!). I love that you're thinking about sincerity -- a good reminder for me, too. Thanks for that. ;-)

Carolyn said...

Beautiful post!

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