Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DIY Advent Calendar Round-up 2011 (part 1)

Here are some of the most eye-catching, fun and creative Advent calendars I've seen around the web. I did a big DIY Advent calendar round-up last year, so I thought I'd do something this year, too. Maybe you'll get some ideas for your own! And yes, it seems early to mention Christmas things, but if you're creating for Christmas, you pretty much have to start now!

The Raumdinge blog (written auf Deutsch!) has lots of fabulous free printable Advent calendar ideas. In fact, she has so many, I decided to make a Part 1 of the round up just about her projects. Definitely head over there and check them out! **Be forewarned that any German Advent calendars I link to only go up to December 24 since Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve over here. Just a heads up for those who celebrate on the 25th!**
Waldtiere (forest animal) Advent calendar.Here the animals are the decorations. She also has another Waldtiere Advent calendar, this time with the animals as number tags to be attached to simple brown bags.While I like how she's used an unexpected color, I would probably do a little color editing in Photoshop to find a nice red or green instead.
You could go for a more streamlined look with these calendars. A cool and modern Advent calendar using simple white bags. This would be so insanely easy to do; simple with a high impact factor -I love that! This stars and spheres calendar is a fun idea if you can find the plastic spheres! I especially like how it lets you decorate at a higher level -she has hers hanging from her curtain rods. I think this would be so cool for a boy.
Mini-boxes Advent calendar where the .pdf file includes patterns for all 24 boxes -I really love this one! So fun to hang it all up, isn't it? This is probably my favorite. The deer tags with mini-box template are also cute. You have to use your own papers to make the boxes, but with the template it should be easy. The dates on the tags are written in German, so make sure you know your German numbers if you use this one!

One of these projects will be making its way through the postal system for one of our godson's birthday/Christmas gift. Another will be making an appearance here in our home. What about you? Are you making an Advent calendar this year? Have any favorites from this list? 


US Tax Abroad said...

Such cute ideas. I especially like the boxes hanging from the tree.

frauheuberg said... lovley ideas and inspirations...;)...yes, its Advent Calendar cute...and thanks for your sweet words, my dear...hugs...i...

Kelly said...

Oh, I love the forest one up top! You always find the most adorable things, Juliette. Love this.

jane said...

These are great! Thank you for these ideas!

Conny's Cottage said...

Wooow thats great.
I like it very match.


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