Monday, June 6, 2011

5 DIY's from Pinterest

Because I haven't been able finish any projects for like ever.
Because I need more supplies.
Because most supplies are apparently nowhere to be found in my provincial little university town.
Because the supplies that are to be found involve parking in an ancient little parking garage made for miniature cars.
Because I don't drive a Smart Car.
Because my husband and I are both too swamped with work to make a trip there together and I have no time or patience for the bus schedule.
Because I'd like to post that perhaps involves supplies you already have on hand...

I give you 5 DIY projects I've found on Pinterest:

1. Paperclip fabric bookmarks from Life Through the Lens -so fast and practical. Why have I not made these yet? I actually have everything...huh.

2. Washi tape drink labels from Liebesbotschaft -perfect for summer parties.

3. Fabric scrap napkin wraps from Sewing in No Man's Land.

4. Continuous petal paper flowers from Martha Stewart - they ask for crepe paper, but I'm going to bet tissue paper will work as well (only because there is no crepe paper in my town, ahem).

5. Fast and easy green pea soup recipe from 101 Cookbooks - I like this because it uses frozen peas, has an easy-to-make base, and doesn't use anything that might have E-HEC (What is UP Deutschland?! The produce aisle freaks me out!).

Don't you just hate it when you're missing that ONE LAST THING?! Maybe you'll have enough on hand for one of these cute projects!  =)


Monica said...

Funny when I wanted to try my hand at my first pom pom there was a surplus of crepe paper in our town, but no tissue paper. The Martha Stewart flowers are definitely something I am going to try.

Allison said...

What a pretty little post… it looks like you're already working on #4 in a previous post, oder?

Sigh, what would you give to have a Michael’s just around the corner. Great project finds!

dunja said...

liebe juliette, ein toller post! so bezaubernde ideen, danke! liebe waldgrüße, dunja

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

great little diys, those Japanese masking tape labels are terrificly cute and practical.

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