Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogland fuzzies: A Meet-up!

Goodness, it's been a busy week. All sorts of crazy stuff going on out there in blogland, in the 'real' world, you name it. One of the things I have really loved since starting this blog is watching those worlds collide by meeting some of you in person. I had the privilege of doing that again recently with Katie.

You may remember Katie's Living Colors interview that I did a while back about running her shop, among other things. We had been emailing long before that interview and ever since, so when she told me they would be driving through my corner of Germany and was wondering if we could meet up, of course I said yes!

As you can see, we had a good time (and I wore my green dress)! We wandered through the old city and hit up the cafe culture in our little university town. Even our husbands were talking non-stop, so you know that was a good sign! Did you know Katie's husband actually taught her to fly? It was so fun to finally meet face to face!

In fact, there have been a few other meet-ups that I just never posted because I was swamped with work so soon after. I'm going to have to get on that because they were fun and deserve to be recognized.

I have to say that my experience online has been 99% positive and I never cease to be amazed at how supportive the creative blogging community has been, not only to me, but with each other. Of course, I never would have known if I didn't put myself out there. It's not always easy, but I definitely think it's worth a shot!

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Georgianna said...

I love reading about your meetup, Juliette. So much fun but also I think blogger meetups are very powerful as we've made these connections online and meeting in person makes a stronger bond. I'm convinced they have a tremendous positive effect on the whole planet! And I will definitely let you know if I come to Germany! xo – g

Juliette said...

Oh yes, do let me know Georgianna! It really is fun to meet those with whom we already share a common interest and a history!

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