Saturday, January 29, 2011

Homemade tea party: DIY Menus (part 3)

You can have pretty table linens and you can have cute food, but if you're the hostess-with-the-mostess, won't you also need menus? Definitely! Especially if you're prone to like to play pretend restaurant as well!


What you'll need:

-Photoshop (Elements works too)
- digital scrapbooking elements
- color printer
- laminating machine (or head to a print shop like I did and have them laminate it for you)

These were a little tricky at first as I tried to figure out the spacing, but they were fun once I got rolling. I basically divided a regular sheet of printer paper into fourths and made a new file in Photoshop (I use Elements) that was the same size as a sheet of paper and went to work. I made front and backs and once they were printed out, we got them cut and laminated.

* She's in her 'big girl' room because her little sister was born just a few days ago and sleeps in LiLi's old nursery. Another little person to craft for!

If you've used digital scrapbooking elements before, you can guess what I did and may even recognize items from Katrina at Pugly Pixel's freebie, Paper Buffet. The pink doilies from this set and velvet ribbons from this post were perfect for my project. If you've never visited Pugly Pixel, check it out; she has amazing digital elements and I definitely think both her free and premium member items are fantastic!

If you're new to the whole digital scrapbooking world, google it and see all the fun you come up with. I don't make scrapbooks, but the digital elements are fun to use for blogging and have been known to spice up more than a few blog posts and the odd printed picture or two. I have to say there are so many great free video tutorials out there on digital scrapbooking that even if you don't want to do that per se, they DO offer a great way to learn how to use Photoshop.


Making the menus was a new-to-me way of using digital elements. Could I have made menus just using MSWord? Yes, but they wouldn't have been as cute, that's for sure!

If you're new to all this, I recommend checking out these sites: Two Peas and Design House Digitals -oh, and Kitschy Digitals is just completely adorable! I will say there is a lot of stuff out there that isn't fitting my aesthetic, but it's worth a sift -also, over time I see more and more things coming out in 'my style', so hooray! All of these sites offer freebies and video tutorials to get you on your feet!

What about you? Have you heard of digital scrapbooking before, or are you already a fan? What are some of your favorite digital element sites?


Kelly said...

And there were menus?!! Oh, so adorable! I agree with you on the digital scrapbooking stuff -- a lot of the designs are a bit "fussy," but I love how they are making these programs more accessible to people. Never even thought about using some of those designs for the blog, but that is such a brilliant idea! :-)

Sweeter Hours said...

Very cute! Love that shade of pink.

Allison said...

Girl, you totally went all out, didn't you?!? Your only chanllenge now will be to top this birthday present next year! I'm sure your niece will always remember her special tea party time.

Juliette said...

I've just gone ahead and told myself that I will never top this one...and then if anybody is ever remotely happy about my handmade stuff ever again I'll just be pleasantly surprised, ha! =P

I'm glad that her sibling turned out to be a girl...we'll get a little more mileage out of it! =)

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