Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent Blog Calendar: Projects and Freebies #13

Ok, so I've been meaning to try this felt slipper tutorial for, oh, over a year now. I'm going to try a modified version with a low/no heel, but this has got to happen! Most everybody in Germany takes their shoes off when they come into a home (even guests), and most hosts (except us, ahem) have a little basket or bin full of extra slippers for them to use. Since most of the floors in our apartment are stone, I am feeling particularly guilty about this. So here's to Martha Stewart's felt slipper tutorial! (but I feel like they need some sort of embellishment, don't you?)


Kelly said...

I've been thinking about this too. We also take our shoes off -- and no basket with cute slippers from us either. Is it bad that I want you to go first so I can see your modified no-heel version?

Juliette said...

totally not bad at all! in fact, probably a nice little peer-pressure-style nudge =)

I have located a place where I can buy the felt, and I've located some no-slip grip stuff you can put on the soles, so the only excuse that's left now is time -but there should be more of that after Christmas!

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