Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advent Blog Calendar: Projects and Freebies #7

Ornaments can be fun to make, but they can also be overwhelming. I like these two simple ornaments that can be made from strips of paper or felt. These are easy to make, have a modern, but seasonal flair, and I'm sure you already have everything you need to make them! Elsie Marley has a very user-friendly tutorial for this felt dove ornament (also can be made with paper).

Sometimes craft ideas involve so much spending and shopping that I just get a headache thinking about it, let alone actually getting around to doing it, so projects that use things I already have at home are pretty much perfect! I love how A Little Hut uses holiday colored paper to create paper teardrop ornaments for their hotel room (I could see using felt strips for this as well). Not everybody gets to be in a home when they visit relatives for the holidays, so this small and easy project brings a little warmth to an otherwise generic space

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