Monday, October 4, 2010

Free online photo booth (yes, really!)

** warning: what follows is an unsolicited endorsement for a major time suck! **

I've been wanting to put my own face on my About page, but just couldn't find anything that seemed suitable. So the other day I was noticing how Pugly Pixel had cute pictures on her About page and when I looked a little closer, I saw they appeared to have been generated by some website. I put the address in my browser and then promptly spent, oh, let's say an hour, goofing off over at La Photo Cabine.

photocabine COLLAGE 1 flat

Friends of ours just moved to France recently and she was just saying how everything there requires a photo (bus passes and library cards included!), so there are literally photo booths everywhere. Now I see how this was maybe more 'normal' than 'vintage cute' in Amelie...good on them! (gosh, I'm noticing now that it was made in 2001; did I really see it in the theaters that long ago?!)

I love how this darling little site looks and sounds like an old French photo booth! It lets you choose the layout and if you want it in black or white. There's also options to download, print out, or print on an object. Yeah, super cute! Viel SpaƟ! Have fun!

ps-yes, my About page now has pictures, woot!


M.S. said...

Uh-oh. The baby is crying and I'm still posing. This might be a problem.

Karoliina said...


monika@lifemadesimple said...

Lovely photos :-) This sounds like fun, I have to check it out now!

Katrin said...

Oh, how lovely! So nice to see your face finally.
I just tired La Photo Cabine & love it!

Carolyn said...

Yeah! I've never 'seen' you. Cute pics.

maybe*mej said...

thank you! thank you! for this great information. =) I like it a lot. I will try this program later today when im back home.
And thank you for your kind words at my blog. Im glad you like the design.
And im also glad that i got the chanse to se your face. =)


likeschocolate said...

Very cool. Thanks again for sharing. I can't wait to check it out! Viel Spass!

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