Thursday, September 30, 2010

He says/She says Wall Art Delima: Poll!

Soooo.... I think we may have a solution for at least half of the most hideous wall in the apartment. I did a little scouting and took a picture of the piece in a shop, showed the husband as he sipped a latte in a neighboring cafe, and awaited his reaction. At first he didn't get it, then he hated it, then he thought it was interesting, then he said go buy it. He hates the ugly, blank wall more. We've been hating on this wall since we moved in over a year ago and the artwork in question is well within our budget. I happily skipped off and made my purchase.

Now it's home. I like it. I think it really ties the room together (name that movie!). It's still wrapped in plastic and not hung, but we'd center it on that section of the wall. I like all the busyness. I think it makes the fireplace look more included somehow. I still want to paint/cover/burn the TV garage, but the painting maybe helps detract some attention from that eyesore...??

painting collage web

My mother-in-law likes the colors, but not the style. I Skyped my mom and she's of the same opinion, but after a while said it had grown on her and she thinks that 'all things considered (price, problem, colors), it's interesting and worth keeping'.

My husband is Mr. Type A, alles in ordnung, and says it's stressing him out, like it's a mess he needs to clean up. Yes, he really says that. Says he thinks he can't handle abstract art. Says it doesn't 'match' our other living room wall. But, he says, leave it up, maybe it will grow on me while I'm away on business for two days. Sigh. We can return it during the next two weeks. He likes to remind me of that one, too. Right after he says it could grow on him.

I want to bang my head against the wall. But not this one. It's solid concrete, yet another reason this piece of art is perfect; it's super lightweight meaning we won't have to whip out the schlagbohrmaschine (bolthammer) and make craters to hang this piece!

Ok, sound off! What do you think? Should we keep it or return it? Vote below!


one sydney road said...

I'm completely laughing at your husband wanting to clean it up - sounds exactly like a friend of mine!! LOL.

(and I loved your comment today about gifting a doggie coat to your dog-in-law :)

Spotted Sparrow said...

Alles muß in Ordnung sein! That is hilarious!

I love what you're going for. Is it a print? If it was inexpensive, you could whitewash it to tone it down some. Maybe that will make both you and zee Cherman happy. ;)

Allison said...

I really like it... and I think that it is great to mix really modern pieces with other styles. Tell Mr. Type A that one good German beer should do the trick in helping him understand it... nicht alles muss in ordnung sein!

juliette said...

Allison - you know what really burned my toast? S. has often said he liked all your father's artwork in your home, but the minute I try abstract in our own place it's oh, whoa, uh, maybe not.. =P I said, wait wait wait, you loved our bedroom at Allison's house and thought it looked so cozy/cool, what's the big dif? Tonight, though, he's been more positive, phew! (granted, we just came back from our neighbor's Geburtstagsfeier! ha ha!)

PS - Frau Sparrow: it's totally a print. 35 @TKMaxx. I about had a kitten, all the other stuff there was so cheesy and while this doesn't scream joe-pro art, it doesn't scream cheapo either. It's also canvas on a frame, so it's super light = me happy!

Kelly said...

Oh my - this sounds so familiar! I love that he told you to buy it, but now is having second thoughts. I'm pretty sure we've been through that exact scenario. :-) Whatever you do, press on! You're so close!!!!

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