Friday, June 25, 2010

Seagrove, NC: Traditionally modern ceramics

I'm announcing a 4 part series on Seagrove, North Carolina. As I've gone through my photos I've realized that I would either have one eternally long post, or I could break it up into digestable amounts. Seagrove is a really special area and totally deserves a drawn out presence on my blog. My childhood and part of my family roots are in North Carolina, so I think it's appropriate to share a little of the handmade and artisan culture from that corner of the globe.

There will be a post on the local pottery center and history of Seagrove, posts on my two favorite studios that we were able to visit, and finally an artist interview for the Living Colors series. I'm really excited about the artist interview as it was a completely last-minute idea and I think it will be a nice capstone to the series! (there will even be a short video, rock and roll!)

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