Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roadtrip 2010: dream Hamburg

This week's Corner View theme is "summer", so since we're going on a giant roadtrip this summer, I thought I'd focus on another one of our planned stops, Hamburg. Wait, haven't I been saying we wanted to drive around Scandinavia? Well, we would be passing by Hamburg on our way north and who wouldn't want to stop in something called the Havenstadt - Harbor City? With a view like this, it shouldn't be missed, don't you agree?

Hamburg collage1

We'll also be visiting a friend. I highly recommend checking out Allison's sweet blog and her amazing shop, Stillwater Designs. She's very talented in her bag and jewelry making and she's got a fantastic selection of fabric for sale. She also married a German and we're looking forward to hanging out together!

Hamburg collage2

Photos courtesy of: Mannfred-Hartman and 2, Psychohh, Huschelchen666, difridi, Sebastian W., and -sel.

For more Corner Views from around the world (and see some cool striped beach tents), head over to Spain Daily.


Allison said...

On the harbor really is fantastic. I've been on top of the building on the right and it really is a nice view. We're looking forward to your visit too!... a little "Denglish", a little bacon and eggs, and hopefully some nice weather... what could be better for a Hamburg pitstop?

Diana Strinati Baur said...

Have a great time in HH and visiting Allison. It was my home for 9 years. It's a great city w/ a lot to take in.

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