Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Corner View: Holiday

This week's Corner View theme is 'holiday'. We had a great trip back to the US - my first time back in 2 years! Lots to process and tons of great memories. There was lots of snow - we were glad we rented a 4WD vehicle - it was perfect for the Nor'Easter that hit Cape Ann after we arrived!

We spent over 40+ hours driving during our 3wk trip:
Boston to Toronto to Indiana and back to Boston.
We saw many, many miles of snowy roads.

My phone's camera feature died on Christmas Eve, which was perfect timing because the next morning I unwrapped my first digital camera (i know, dark ages...this blog has hope now) I finally got to meet my niece - the first of her generation in our family. Total doll.

Snagged lots of fabric at various midwestern quilting shops and, of course, Jo-Ann's. Idea overload!
(more on all this later)

Caught a beautiful sunset back in Gloucester looking out
over Annisquam. LOVE it there.

Ate clam chowder at every opportunity, even at the airport - thanks Legal Seafoods in Boston's Terminal C.

Came back to another snowstorm in Germany, but we made it home safely. Our awesome neighbors had been caring for our plants and had taken the liberty of buying us a bunch of groceries to get through the snow-bound weekend, 2 potted plants, and a homemade cake.

and my German dog-in-law loves her new Christmas coat:

For more holiday Corner Views, head over to Spain Daily.

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Bonnie said...

mmmmmmmmmm .... clam chowder !!!

glad you had a good time !!!

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