Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn Window Shopping in Germany

We've been out and about the past two weeks thanks to the fall vacation break for the schools. In that time there's been some wandering around, enjoying the fall colors, weather and, for me, the pretty fall displays. Would you like to come along?

First up is the floral arrangement at our table in a little cafe we went to. I just love how creative this is!

Here's my favorite Einrichtungsladen (interior decorating shop) in our town. Lots of purple, the big hit for this year:

I liked this tablecloth but I don't think Stefan could handle
that much pink in our house!

A blurry shot of the fall browns and oranges (sorry!):

Dishes in a rainbow of colors:

One of my favorite flower stands in a nearby town
sporting the purple again:

And giving a wink towards the upcoming Christmas season:

We ended up in Bamberg one evening and I spotted some of the Pip Wallpaper china collection - really lovely! I could easily enjoy the whole set, but Stefan said he'd weed out the pink stuff. Surprise surprise.

There were also some bags and satchels from the same line. So sweet! To enjoy clearer, non-phone pix of the Pip Wallpaper line, click here. *Be sure to hold your mouse over the music box on their main page, lovely little tune to enjoy as you look at what must be one of the most beautiful websites ever! There are lots of little 'hidden' gems on there, play around with it for a minute!

Back home I spotted a display of the fun Christmas china pattern Villeroy & Boch put out this year. It makes me want to host a huge Christmas party!

I really like the serving plates and the tall mugs! Can't you just picture some spiced hot chocolate in them? To enjoy clearer, non-phone pix, see the My Winter collection here.

That's it for the window shopping tour. It's always fun to see what's out in the stores and, by taking pictures and posting it here to share, it's like shopping without spending money!


Katie @ said...

Stefan sounds just like Martin on anything pink or girly. I've opened the Pip link just for fun!

Welcome back from your vacation.

Carolyn said...

So pretty. Thanks for sharing. I am not usually a purple liker, but I'm liking the displays this year. There aren't many stores like this here in Austria and the few that are here...are expensive. Is that how it is over there? Love that floral arrangement too.

Allison said...

I'm always fascinated by the truly creative flower arrangements that you find here... beautiful.

It looks like you had some eye candy while shopping. Very fun!

I don't suppose my husband would mind pink in the house, but I have never tried. I'll just save it for if we have "ein süsses mädchen."

Barb said...

Oh, how beautiful -- I agree! Loveliest website I've ever seen. The little bird would fly around when you move the mouse over his cage and a little ladybug climbed out of the cup when you moved the mouse over the blue cup. How clever. Wish it was in English!! Beautiful textiles and china. A feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing it!

juliette said...

Carolyn - I do find the best looking shops here to be pretty expensive, which is a bummer. I was able to pick up some lovely thick felt coasters for our living room thanks to a gift certificate =)

I have to say that the flower shops and the arrangements I see here are almost always shockingly cheap or affordable. I also like the vessels they sell in the flower shops. I find them well priced and you can use them for other things, too!

eco-stylista said...

I enjoyed this post very much! It is always good to see what other countries have to offer because the ranges of products seem to different everywhere. Autumn is my favorite season and I really enjoy window shopping this time of the year.

Laura said...

Love the deep pink and creams place setting. However, it would also be over the 'pink allowance tolerance' in our household. :-)

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