Friday, September 4, 2009

Tutu Lamps and Folklore

So I'm feeling better today, but I know it's going to take a couple of more days to shake this thing. Yesterday I was lying on the couch looking through my new Gudrun Sjöden home catalog and saw this image.

How crazy is a tutu lamp?! I know we just finished our jam jar lamps, but this tutu lamp looks like an easy DIY. I think you could just make your own tulle tutu, mini-sized, and slip it over a pendent shaped like the one below. I think this could be darling in a little girl's room or in a guest bathroom!

I did think about dust allergies - but it seems that hand washing a tutu and following up with a cool iron if needed, is all you would ever have to do to eliminate that concern. Somebody should definitely try this!

And then I was thinking back to the non-home catalog of Gudrun Sjöden, and how pretty and inspirational it was on it's own. Folkloric looks have been coming back for a while now and they really amped it up this year. These designs remind me so much of the old women in rural Romania I've seen in the past.

*images from GS website

I couldn't have everything from GS,
but a piece or two would be really pretty!


Penelope said...

love the tutu lamp. first the jar jam lights and now this! a perfect use of my little daughter's old tutu from swan lake when she was 5! (she's now 7 and too big for it...)

travelingmama said...

I love the tutu lamp. I had seen that before, but completely forgot about it. Hmmm... have to add that one to my file for Hailey's "big girl" room. I'm glad you are feeling better. That's the bummer about the weather change. I'm still looking forward to the end of the heat. It just about killed us this year!

Also, thanks for helping get the word out about He{art} for Morocco!
Hugs from Morocco!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Oh my goodness... love the tutu lamp and now my sister has decided it's just what her daughter needs!

Allison said...

Love, love, love the sweater, but I have always loved embroidery pretties.

Hope you are feeling better. I know the "hard to be on the couch" feeling when all you want to do is create. In fact, I've spent way too much time on the couch recently... not fun.

Anonymous said...

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Maddie said...

I love the tutu lamp! Seen a lot of them in Hus and Home.


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