Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ninainvorm Inspires

Today I was captivated by the
colors and shapes in Nina's work:

The bunting just kills me!

The bird and dots are so cheery - and in my favorite colors!

*pictures from Nina's blog

Her home was just featured in two magazines - and it's inspiring enough on it's own. As you can see on my Etsy favorites, she's topped my list just now. If I were one of those big-budget people I'd be in danger of dropping a couple hundred in her shop, but, until that day arrives, I'll have to settle for window shopping.

Just looking at her stuff has got my wheels turning for some little Nina-inspired creations in my own home! Really! Stay tuned!

1 comment :

travelingmama said...

Her pieces are absolute perfection! I love the little birdie! Off to window shop!

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