Monday, August 31, 2009

Golly Gee - Winner!

Tina over at Traveling Mama just opened an Etsy shop were 100% of the profits go to help a school in Morocco - yeah, 100% - I was impressed, too! Setting up a shop, especially as an ex-pat generating income abroad and all the tax hassles - well, it's no small feat. So when I saw that 100% of the profits of her new Etsy shop where getting donated, I sat up a little straighter.

*picturse from the Fussell photography crew,
more slippers and pictures for sale here

To kick off the grand opening of her shop she hosted lots of giveaways on her blog - one of which was this pair of Morraccan slippers - which I won! I think the last time I actually won anything was back when I was a kid on a long family road trip. We were making another bathroom/gas stop and the minivan was jammed with vacation stuff. I walked into was apparently the grand opening of the gas station store and happened to draw the winning number for a giant, blown-up Ruffles potato chips swim raft! Everybody in the store thought it was so cool and they made me take it. I was horrified and remember standing with it outside on the other side of the van trying in vain to squeeze the air out of the raft before my parents saw me/it - my dad had just been saying "No more buying stuff! I mean it! There's no more room in this van!" - so I was relieved when my dad came around the van and burst into laughter when he heard the story - he probably saw a panicked me saying, "I didn't buy it - I won it and they made me take it!".

I'll gladly take these slippers! In Germany, when you visit friends, even for an evening, many people bring their own slippers or extra socks. I don't really have a great portable pair yet, so these will be my visiting hausschuhe!

*picturse from the Fussell photography crew,
more slippers and pictures for sale here

To get your own, available in a rainbow of colors, or to see some other fun things for sale to support a Morrocan school, head on over to the Traveling Mama Etsy shop!


Waterlilly said...

Yay! Cute slippers.

Allison said...

I remember when I first visited Germany before my husband and I were married, some of his friends had invited us over for the evening. They immediately asked us to take our shoes off. Since I had just come from sunny, warm North Carolina, let's just say that I had not brought the warmest of clothes with me. My feet froze the whole night and no one offered me socks or slippers. I always find the funny little bag of multi-sized slippers a little interesting. I think... hey, if your worried about getting your floor scratched, then don't put in that type of flooring in to begin with! Oh, the joys of living in another country.

Congrats on your win... much better than the raft, huh?

juliette said...

A - yeah, better than the raft! =) And I guess it's a cleanliness thing, which I can deal with, BUT my policy is girls in sandals, I don't care, and when it's cold out and we get visitors I tell them I don't have guest hausschuhe and they can keep their shoes on if it's too cold. I'd feel too bad if somebody had an experience like yours!

Guest hausshuhe is actually a little sewing project I want to do with the machine!

M.S. said...

You won! You won! Man, that's so fun. I hope to see those slippers in person. xoxo

jja said...

I have guesthausschuhe hanging in my hall, something like this
and wash them after every wearing. My friends heve toddlers and I would never walk with my streets shoes where they play and learn to walk.
It is a custom all over Europe to take shoes off as a sign of respect your host. Wehen parties or bigger a group of people - mostly no rule like this then.

jane said...

thanks for the heads up! i´m going to check her out! now i´m off to read more of your blog! besos-jane

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/ Yahgie said...

These are so beautiful.

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