Monday, June 15, 2009

Bedroom - almost moved in!

We definitely lost a lot of square footage in the new bedroom, but we're ok with it. It makes it all a little more 'eng' (german for 'tight') but we fit. This is what happens when you move, right? We have to keep reminding ourselves that things fit perfectly in the old apartment because we started with zilch and bought everything when we moved in there. We started with this:
Now the bed is in there, not a great shot. But hey, now you see how we don't do box springs in Germany. These are lattenrost. If we were to really pull out the Deutsch stops we'd have two twin type mattresses on top, so if one person wanted to sit up and read while the other was sick and needed elevated feet, it would be possible. But the odds are greater that we'd rather have no grand canyon in the bed and forgo the chance of having the reading/elevated feet problem.
There's only one window here and it was stupidly installed to open away from the majority of the room, which I predict to make me crazy on hot summer nights, but that's what a fan is for, right?
We still need to hang pictures and lights as well as find some bedside tables. Some sort of window treatment is also in order, but I haven't figured out what we'll be repurposing in here. I'm not going to miss the shelf we used to have over the bed at the old place! There was more than one occasion of baptizing myself in the dark thanks to knocking over an unseen water glass!
Even though my desk was in a nice corner in the old bedroom, I'll be glad to have it be in it's own room at the new place. We're still working on that...
It's sort of fun to look back on the bedroom situation.
When we first moved to Germany we slept like this for over a month:
before the same room turned into this:
and this:
and now we're back to this. At least this time we're sleeping on our pull-out couch and not air mattresses! Saturday night we'll be sleeping in the new place...hard to imagine!
Tomorrow my mother in law comes over to help me pack the kitchen up. She's bringing her dog who will drive us nuts I predict since the dog thinks that whenever anybody's in the kitchen it's to prepare her food, so she's always underfoot! Thankfully all old German kitchens have doors, which we'll use tomorrow!


Waterlilly said...

Oh, I am loving these pics! Everything is so nice and you are going to enjoy the new place very much, I know. Love, MOM

jane said...

hi juliette- i´ll add your link- next week´s theme is "music." happy wednesday!

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