Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brainwashed by white washed rooms?

I just don't know. I keep reading and loving the images on blogs like Chez Laarson, Decor8, Yvestown, and Creature Comforts and their overall looks reflect a white, airy, light, dreamy type of look. Then I read this post over at Door Sixteen and although we're already into blue, it was another reflection on all white with a shot of color. Look at some of the pictures she found:
I wouldn't keep reading these blogs - my favorites at that! - if I didn't also enjoy the overall look they focus on. But I've ALWAYS been a color girl! I have always hated the bright white walls that are so common in Germany. I've never liked them before we moved here either. They remind me of hospitals and mental institutions. They look really cold in the winter unless you're really careful. But doggone it if I haven't always loved this all-white kitchen from Domino and wasn't just showing it to my husband again last night as I lay in bed looking at my Domino Book of Decorating. I remember seeing it when it was first published in their magazine and saying, 'yep, that's a white I could do'. But could I really?!?
If I don't paint the walls in the new house it won't feel 'finished' or 'pulled together' enough for me. I'm pretty sure. But then I second guess myself. Sure, you can always paint later, but when the majority of our storage cabinets and closets have to be bolted to the wall for security, painting later isn't a great option at all.

I don't know if I can take the leap into so much white in a room. Can you?

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